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Aims of the exhibition

Tabriz hand-made international fair will be held with the below-mentioned aims and necessities:

  1. Presenting Tabriz hand-made carpet and its new designs for visitors
  2. Introducing local visitors and producers with producers of other provinces
  3. Creating necessary backgrounds for internal and foreign visitors and quests attendence such as ambassadors and well-known businessmen with the aim of building new markets
  4. Creating facilities for direct distribution of goods by their producers
  5. Introducing hand-made carpet an art-industry having high capacity in job-creation and attracting internal and foreign tourists
  6. Creating a suitable place for exchanging the most modern scientific findings and equipments in hand-made carpet field
  7. Creating facilities for introducing and accessing to high quality products from points of design, pattern, paint and weave regarding products quality promotion
  8. Identify, choosing and introducing picked producers, designers and artificers
  9. Creating relation between university (of carpet) and producers and mechants
  10. Creating a suitable space for introducing activities related to carpet field